Policyholder Services

How do I file a claim?

What Dentist/Eye Dr.’s are in my network?

Can I go online?


This page is full of a lot of information for our policyholders to find out about what they have.  Of course, you can always call the office and Kathy, our Administrator, is available to assist claims, answer questions and/or help you find the answers.   For many questions we have put together this section to help you find help to the most common questions.


Some of our accounts have a couple of different plans available, like AFLAC and VSP Vision, so there are several options on this page.  There will be some plans not listed here due to the number of carriers we deal… Feel free to email or call if you need further help!


Register your Aflac account (need a policy number) for direct deposit, information and claims  (Link to AFLAC.com is https://phs.aflac.com/aflac.phs.app/account/login)


AFLAC wellness claim forms

Accident Wellness (1 per family every 12 months)

Cancer Wellness (1 per person covered every calander year)

Physician Visit Benefit ( For 2013+ Hospital and Sickness plans)

Hospital Wellness ( For Pre-2013 Hospital plans)


AFLAC claim forms – NOT wellness

How do I file an Accident Claim?

How do I file a Disability Claim?

How do I file a Cancer Claim?

How do I file a Specified Event Claim?

How do I file a Life Insurance Claim?



How do I file an Accident/Hospital Claim?

How do I file a Critical Illness Claim?

How do I file for Group Accident Wellness?

How do I file for Group Critical Illness Wellness?


Mutual of Omaha claims

How do I file a Disability Claim?

How do I file a Life Insurance Claim?



Finding a Dental or Vision Provider…make sure you know which company and which network you have…

Guardian Dental – usually DentalGuard Preferred network – can links be the Guardian logo?



Guardian VSP or Davis Vision –



VSP Providers – use the Find a VSP Dr. on the right side of the page and enter your zip




How do I get my Guardian ID card and see my benefits?  Pdf file link