About SJWS

About SJWS.


Smith Julian Workplace Solutions is the result of more than 34 combined years of experience in the Voluntary Benefit industry. We started as, and still are, Independent Associates representing Aflac, but in order to help our clients with the ever changing benefit landscape we have evolved into a true benefits Broker. Over the last 8 years we have had numerous situations where clients have asked for help, and finding the best answers to these questions has resulted in some very unique and powerful strategic partnerships.

We all know that there have been rapid changes in all areas of our daily lives, and these changes only seem to be speeding up. My partner Karen and I have been working in the Employee Benefits arena for over 18 and 20 years respectively. While we both started, and continue, our careers with Aflac, over the past 7-8 years we have continuously improved our offerings to match our client’s every changing needs. Much like we used to make all our calls from a landline at our office or home, and now we can almost run an office from the palm or our hand via our Smartphones, we have evolved into a true Benefits Consultant. Today we can help our clients with all their Employee Benefit needs. This evolution has given birth to Smith Julian Workplace Solutions, LLC.

Our primary focus is helping our clients with their Benefit needs. Smith Julian Workplace Solutions can help you from proposal through billing including your employee’s claims, with Carrierswe know, trust and have worked with for years. We provide a personal touch withon-site enrollment and post enrollment service that cannot be equaled.Smith Julian Workplace Solutions brings a unique set of experience, caring and services to any employee benefit challenge.



Who is SJWS.


Karen Julian-Smith (PIC)

Karen started her Voluntary Benefit Career with Aflac over 16 years ago. In her first year with Aflac she made a name for herself by getting the Rising Star Award and the Top Associate in South Carlolina. During the next 6 years she consistently was in the top 5 Associate in South Carolina, beating Cory for the Top spot 4 out of the 6 years. Prior to teaming up with Cory Karen qualified for 8 Aflac National Conventions in a row.

Karen’s specialty is her attention to detail and the relationship she forms with her clients. Many of her first clients are still with her all these years later. The expansion to other carriers in the Voluntary Benefit world was a direct effect of her listening to her clients and working for them to get them what they wanted. During enrollments with employees she excels at communicating the benefits and listening to employee’s needs to help council them as to the best options to meet their needs, and those of their families.

“These benefits can change to course of a family’s live when a medical emergency hits. I want them to know what is available so that when that crisis hits we can help!”

Cory L. Smith (PIC)

Cory began his career with Aflac 17 years ago. While having to settle for #2 many times while competing with Karen, in the last 10 years he has qualified for Aflac’s highest sales honor, President’s Club, twice. In 2008 he finished the year #44 in the company out of over 10,000 agents. He has qualified for 15 of 17 annual conventions, and received numerous South Carolina awards.

Like Karen venturing into other areas of Voluntary Benefits and now Employee Administration is a direct result of how much he listens and cares about his clients and policyholders. When faced with a challenge clients, or policyholders, know that Cory will find the best possible solution. In addition, making sure both employer and employee are satisfied AFTER the initial enrollment is paramount. Cory has often gone to extraordinary lengths to help an employee get their claim paid, or assist a business owner with an issue.

Planning and execution of enrollments for employees is where Cory excels, because he truly wants employees to understand the benefits that the employer is making available and how they can help that particular employee.